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Canine II


We would like to run a report that shows all of our 4910 patients within a time frame period and if they had perio charting at their last appointment.

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Re: Reports

  • Hey Teresa 
    i would think this is a step toward the information you're trying to get from that report 
    Click Reports.  Select Patient .  Select User-Selected. Add: Click to add a new report in, enter a report title,

    Going through the User Selected Report Fields
    double click on last visit field  put a check mark on print
    hit ok

    Then locate Last Perio Chart

    double click put a check mark on print
    hit ok

    You will notice an X mark next to these fields and some other ( having that X means this field will print or show in the results ) you can add or remove that mark to the desired fields by double clicking on the field name then add or remove the check mark on print  

    Hit ok and save report then you can print , print preview , or even export it to excel

    this will show all patients  with their last visit date and last perio chart unfortunately the option to compare the last visit and last perio date is not available but if you export this report to excel you should be able to do that


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