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SOFTDENT coding of radiographs

when adding ADA codes in softdent should the radiographs be entered as a HYGIENE code or a DR code. I assume Delta pays this code based on the Dr fee submitted since hygienists do not have fee schedules with Delta? THis is a SOFTDENT ?.

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Re: SOFTDENT coding of radiographs

Hi lakegirl

i believe that all codes will eventually be submitted to insurance under Dr , hygienist name should never be on an insurance form

that being said the production and collection allocation is different from an office to another as all options are available and non is wrong 

most offices I've seen they have these codes assigned to hygienist 


Re: SOFTDENT coding of radiographs

bringing tshawsoftdentgirld.canales‌   to the conversation 

Do y'all have any input about this  

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Re: SOFTDENT coding of radiographs

. One of the purposes of the hygiene code check box is to decide when an appointment is posted with a dr listed in the appointment and a hygienist listed in an appointment who will get recognition for doing that procedure. If the hygiene code is checked on the procedure code and their is a hygienist listed with a doctor in the appointment the hygienist will get recognized as producing that procedure when the appointment is checked out. This happens frequently with codes such as prophies, 2BWX 4BWX Pans Sealants and procedures that are mostly done by the hygienist for tracking hygiene production. It also has an impact on scheduling recall appointments.

If you are adding a hygiene code (or an explosion code that contains a hygiene code): Select Hygiene Code. You cannot assign a hygienist to this procedure unless this option is selected. This occurs when editing the assignment in appointment or predefining time units in the ADA code under the yellow scheduler fees tab. Example hhhd or a typical hygiene appointment 3 time units for hygienist and 1 for the dr.

It has an impact when using the charting as well when charting hygiene procedures if you don't select a hygienist and start charting hygiene code selected appointments the patient's hygienist of record on will get recognized with being the producer.

When the doctor is scheduled alone in the appointment then the doctor will get recognized for producing the procedure even though the hygiene code is enabled on that procedure when the procedure Is posted.

The overwhelming number of dental offices do not track production of ADA codes by assistant.


In offices where the dental assistant is taking the majority of images, the hygiene code will be unchecked on the ADA codes for radiographs and the doctor will get credit for the images or they will be edited in the transaction screen when posted to attribute to the correct producer.

Related to other comments on this thread related to insurance claims, the doctor is referenced for treating the patient even if the hygienist or assistant actually produces the procedure being billed.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at