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Premolar III

Scanning Issues

I understand the Softdent is an image based system and for scanning a document into the system, it comes in as a jpeg.  And some items, like charting from the periodontist, we acquire as a jpeg because is it easier to view.  My IT person was out here, looking at some things and had a couple of questions.  He does deal with several Softdent clients and many of us do have scanning issues.

When in documents and acquiring a page from a scanner, can a setting be changed to save the scanned documents as a pdf instead of a jpg.  The pdf file is much smaller in size, which will use less hard drive storage space on the server and possibly reduce the out of memory errors when scanning in Softdent.  
Second question, is there a way to open a pdf in documents by double clicking instead of right click and selecting open.  
Third is it possible to show pdf thumbnails in softdent documents like the jpg files show a thumbnail of the file.
If pdf was used as the main file type it would reduce the size of the files in the person's chart which is also related to how long it takes to open a patient's chart in Softdent.

Examples of a letter we sent out to another office but the same instance would be us importing the info from another office.


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Scanning Issues

It is much more conservative space wise (and also my preference) to save items as a PDF - they are so crisp and clear. .  
Here are the answers to his questions as I understand them:
1) The setting is part of the scanning software, nothing to do with SD.  If your scanner can be set to save as a pdf, it will save that way in SoftDent.  To achieve this, some offices have to scan to a separate folder then import into SoftDent.  A support tech may be better equipped to shed more light on this question.  
2) You can open a pdf in documents by double clicking on the name only, not the icon.
3) It is NOT possible to show a thumbnail of  a PDF file rather than the icon.  
Hope this helps!  
CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Scanning Issues

unfortunately NO

It has been on my wish list forever 

anything you create can be saved as a .PDF and then imported into SoftDent (extra step, but well worth it)

Premolar II

Re: Scanning Issues


Each of you are correct. PDFs do take up much less space and will make charting and the likes quicker to open if used. However, I don't believe that there is a way to save a scanned document to a PDF within SoftDent. Wendy makes a good point though, in that you can scan the image and then "print it" which would actually be saving it to a PDF file. You can do this easily with a free program called "CutePDF". I swear by it and convert most documents this way. As far as your scanner "out of memory" issues that you mentioned. I have found a fix for that so that you don't have to reboot the scanner and workstation. It's a small and simple batch file that you launch when the "out of memory" error appears. It deletes the contents of the Windows Temp folder which is the cause of the memory error. It's actually got nothing to do with the computer or scanner memory. You may have your tech contact me via this thread if you wish and I can provide him with more details if he wants to pursue this fix.


Chris C

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