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Canine II

Short Cut List

Hello, do you have a list of Softdent Short Cuts?, for example to get to patient list is Ctrl O

Thank you

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Re: Short Cut List

Hi loveteeth‌! 

We do have a couple of lists for short cuts, one is in the online Help for SoftDent and we have a job aid in the Carestream Dental Institute. Below is the list, and you may find this document helpful as well  . 

Administrative Functions
Ctrl A List > Account
Ctrl O List > Patient
Ctrl Q List > Phone Center
Alt F5 List > InOffice
Ctrl D List > Provider
Ctrl F List > Referring Dr.
Ctrl E List > Employer
Ctrl T List > School
Ctrl I List > Insurance Co
Ctrl P List > Insurance Plan
Ctrl B List > Bluebook
Ctrl Y List > Claim
Ctrl C List > ADA Codes
Ctrl H List > Pharmacy
Ctrl L List > Labs
Ctrl X List > Meds
Ctrl M List > Memos
Ctrl N List > Today's Memos
Ctrl J List > Tickler

From Patient List:
Ctrl K Launch DIS
G View Insurance Info

From Scheduler Window
Ctrl G Select a Different Book
Ctrl H Return to Today
With an Appt. Selected:
C Cancel Appt
T Place Cancelled Appt. in Tickler
R Reschedule Cancelled appt.
V View Appt.
E Edit Appt.
Ctrl F Confirm Appt.
S Shorten Appt.
G Lengthen Appt.
K Check Out Patient
Ctrl N Appt. for New Patient
Ctrl 1 Open Patient's Chart
Ctrl K Launch DIS
With an Open Slot Selected:
B Block Slot
Ctrl L Add a Slot Note
With a Block Selected:
B Unblock Slot

From Patient's Chart
Ctrl 1 View Quad 1
Ctrl 2 View Quad 2
Ctrl 3 View Quad 3
Ctrl 4 View Quad 4
Ctrl 7 View Full Mouth
Ctrl D Provider List
Ctrl N Patient's Clinical Notes
Ctrl X Launch DIS
Ctrl F4 Exit the Chart

Restorative Tab
Ctrl K Chart Decay
Ctrl A Chart Abscesses
Ctrl C Chart Fractures
Alt C M Chart Missing
Ctrl T Tooth Detail
F2 Primary TP
Ctrl F2 Secondary TP
F3 Inside Work
F4 Initial Chart
F5 Current Chart

Perio Tab
Ctrl M New Perio Chart
Ctrl G Display Numeric Chart

From Anywhere in SoftDent:
Ctrl F7 Opens the Log Out Window
Alt F4 Exits SoftDent
Ctrl F10 Launches Microsoft Word

CTRL-TAB Cycles You Through the Colored Tabs
ALT-ENTER Switches You Between a Common Area
ALT-↓ Opens Any List

Space Bar Checks or Unchecks a Box
Tab Forward
Shift Tab Backward
ESC Closes a Window

Canine II

Re: Short Cut List


On Fri, May 26, 2017 at 9:00 AM, Tiffany Shaw <>

Canine II

Re: Short Cut List

These short cuts are very useful especially when the mouse is acting crazy or freezes. Thanks.

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