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We just received the letter advising that support maintenance  fees are increasing by 4.9%. While we are in favor of continuous enhancements and understand the value of such, it is frustrating to be hit with such an increase while experiencing a decrease in the quality of customer service we receive.  We only call support when we have an issue that we have been unable to solve after troubleshooting on our own.  Recently those calls to support have meant up to an hour of hold time and often our issues are not resolved (most often this is the case with the eReminder module).  I sincerely hope that as you increase fees to increase your Research and Development team you are also increasing your customer support team.  

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Premolar III

Re: Support

Dear Ms. Allton,

Thank you for your feedback regarding our recent price increase. It's never an easy decision to increase fees, but these fees are aimed at improving our products. So we ask you for your patience as we grow our DPMS offerings to better serve you and all of our clients.

We apologize that our wait times are not meeting your expectations. We have several active plans in progress to reduce wait times through our phone queues. We are actively hiring new staff and we are shifting existing staff in order to improve our availability by phone. In addition, we are investing in resources such as this community that provide alternatives for our valued customers to get answers for how-to questions or assistance with non-urgent concerns. We realize how important it is that you be able to reach us immediately when there is a critical problem that requires a technical expert. As we continue to make progress with our business plans and this resource is used by our valued customers, we will be able to meet your expectations on response time. In fact, your post is a perfect example of the vision for this resource. By making this post and allowing for a response online, it has freed up our technical service agents who are answering your phone calls.

Thank you for being a loyal Carestream customer and for joining this community. One other benefit of this community is it does provide a place where you can communicate with other dental providers to ask and get answers about their best practices and share your best practices. Through the sharing between members of this community, we hope to enable you to improve your dental practice outcomes.

Thank you,

Jeff Urkevich

SoftDent Product Line Manager

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