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CS SoftDent - Server Migration Best Practices

CS SoftDent - Server Migration Best Practices

Migrating SoftDent Software to a New Server 

This section provides general information on the process of transferring the dataset and license files of the SoftDent software versions 10.0 and higher to a new server. 

Before moving the CS SoftDent software to a new server, verify the new server meets or exceeds the hardware specifications for the software.

Then disable the PracticeWorks License server on the old server before networking the computers.

If the office is storing any images on the old server, the new server must use the same host name as the oldserver and the images must be placed in the same directory structure as the old server; i.e. d:\PWImages must be d:\PWImages on the new server. 

It is strongly recommended that the server name and the share names remain intact when installing a newserver. If an office uses imaging and the server and share names are changed an Image Move utility will need to be performed and it will also be necessary to have a Technical Solutions representative change theWorkingDirectory registry string on each workstation or SoftDent will not function properly on the workstations. If the server or share names have not been modified, no changes will need to be made on the workstations. 

Servers running Microsoft Windows 2012 Server will need to download and install .NET Framework version 3.5 and then enable the Desktop Experience feature before beginning the installation of CS SoftDent. 

To migrate to a new server, perform the following steps: 

1. Transfer the SoftDent folder in its entirety to the new server. 

2. Rename the sub-folder WSetup on the new server to WSetup-orig. 

3. Install the most current version of the SoftDent software over the copied SoftDent folder. 

4. Once the installation completes delete the new WSetup sub-folder and rename WSetup-orig to WSetup. 

5. When launching the CS SoftDent Software you may be prompted to register the software. If prompted to register or re-register obtain a re-registration code it will be necessary to prepare a fax that will be sent to SoftDent Technical Solutions and displays the following information: 

  • Office letterhead 

  • Reason for re-registration code (for example, upgrading server) 

  • Customer ID 

  • Hardware ID 

  • Signature of the doctor 

  • Return phone and fax numbers 


This information is used to expedite the re-registration request and a SoftDent Technical Solutions technician will provide the re-registration code promptly. Re-registration codes are not given without the above information. 


6. Once the registration information is complete, log in to CS SoftDent Software on the server. 


. Setup begins but then shortly after I get an error message softdent cannot communicate with the license server located in local\pwsvr (error code -1). 

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