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SoftDent: 2018 CDT Codes (Installation Utility File Attached)

SoftDent: 2018 CDT Codes (Installation Utility File Attached)

2018 CDT Codes Installation Guide

Installing CDT 2018 Codes to the CS SoftDent Software

This aid contains instructions for using the CDT 2018 Update Utility to update the CDT codes in CS SoftDent practice management software and is intended for users running the following versions:


* CS SoftDent v14.0.3 and higher (Note: If you are using a version of SoftDent prior to v14.0.3, you must upgrade or add the codes manually.)

* CS SoftDent v16/v116


To install the new 2018 CDT codes:


1. Close SoftDent on all machines.

2.  On the server,  Click on the file attached to this article.

3.  Click Save, and save the file to desktop of the server.

4.  Right-click on the and select "extract" to unzip the file.  The file should unzip to the same location

     The file will be unzipped as: SetupCDTCodes.exe

5.  Double-click on the SetupCDTCodes.exe file.

6.  At the first prompt, click Run or Yes.

7.  Read and accept the End User License Agreement.  A message is displayed when the codes hove been

     installed successfully.


When the CDT 2018 codes are installed, the following things occur:

 - Eighteen (18) new codes are added to the database.

 - Sixteen (16) codes are revised.

 - Three (3) codes are removed.

The 2018 CDT codes can also be downloaded from the Customer Portal on Carestream Dental's website. Registration to the portal may be required prior to download. 

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Chris - When will this be uploaded for Cloud Users?




Chris, have you heard anything regarding updates for Cloud users?
Thank you

Chris –

Is this something that I need to schedule or will this be uploaded during an update?



bwhite‌, they should already be installed for cloud users. Check your codes for the following new codes:

D0411    HbA1c in-office point of service testing
D5511    Repair broken complete denture base, mandibular
D5512    Repair broken complete denture base, maxillary
D5611    Repair resin partial denture base, mandibular
D5612    Repair resin partial denture base, maxillary
D5621    Repair cast partial framework, mandibular
D5622    Repair cast partial framework, maxillary
D6096   Remove broken implant retaining screw
D6118   Implant/abutment supported interim fixed denture for

Thank you Chris. I just checked and they are there!


I checked and they are there but the software does not reflect the change.  If you go to System/Fees Maintenance/Install CDT version, it shows 2017.  Also, when you go to List/Insurance Plans/Double click plan and click the red claim filing tab, it also says 2017 without a selection for 2018.  Please advise.

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