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SoftDent: Adding Users

SoftDent: Adding Users

You can add an unlimited number of users to the software. User ID 1 is solely responsible for assigning which functions each user can perform.

To add a new user:

1.    Select System > Change System Settings > System Security > Rights By User. The Rights By User List window is displayed.

2.    Press Enter and click Add. The Rights By User window is displayed.

3.    Type a unique user name and the user’s full name in the appropriate fields. A unique user is assigned and cannot be changed.

4.    Type a password in the Password field. The user can change the password after accessing the software.

Note: If the strong passwords feature is enabled in the HIPAA Options window, the password must meet the criteria. For more information, see Setting HIPAA Security and Privacy Options.

5.    Select the default daybook to display when the user accesses the software from the Default Book drop-down list.

6.    Click the drop-down arrow in the Date of Hire field to select the employee hiring date from a calendar.

7.    Click the drop-down arrow in the Status field to select the employee's overtime status.

8.    If this employee should not use the default pay frequency, click the drop-down arrow in the Pay Frequency field, and select the pay frequency for this specific employee.

9.    Select an option:

  • To restrict the user’s access: Select the appropriate category from the left side of the window and select the checkbox next to each task the user can perform in the right side of the window.
  • To give the user rights to perform all the tasks: Click Select All.
  • To copy the task permissions from a previously created template: Click Select from Template. The User Template List window is displayed. Double-click the template. The Rights By User window is displayed.

10.    Click OK. The Rights By User List window is displayed. The new user is displayed in the list.

11.    Click Close.

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