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SoftDent: Adding a New Lab

SoftDent: Adding a New Lab

You must enter information for each lab before you can track a lab case.

1. To add a new lab:

  • Select an option:
  • Select List > Labs.
  • Click Lab List Window on the Power Bar. See Using the Power Bar for more information.
  • In any window, press Ctrl + L.

2. Click Add

   NOTE: Labs and pharmacies are stored in the same database; therefore, the first lab you enter may not have an identification number of 1.

3. Type the name and address of the lab in the fields.

4. If a website is associated with the lab, select it from the list.

5. Type any phone numbers and notes associated with the lab.

6. Click the Contact Info tab.

7. Type the lab contact information in the fields.

8. Type the normal pick-up or drop-off times for the lab in the Pick-Up/Drop-Off Times section.

9. Type the number of days that are usually required by this lab to return a case in the Default Days for Lab Case Return field. The default value is 14.

10. Click OK.

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