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SoftDent: Blocking Time Slots

SoftDent: Blocking Time Slots

To block a scheduler time slot:

1.    In the Daily Appointments (Daybook) or Book At A Glance windows, select the first time slot to block, and select an option:

  • Press B.
  • Select Block/Unblock Slot from the Options section of the Express bar or the Options menu.
  • Select Block/Unblock Slot from the short-cut menu.

The Blocked Slot Properties window is displayed.

2.    Select an option:

  • To enter a new message for the blocked slot: Type the message in the Message section.

Note: The message is added to the Pre-Defined Messages drop-down list.

  • To use a pre-defined message: Select it from the Pre-Defined Messages section.
  • To change the text color: Select the color box. The Color window is displayed. Select a text color and click OK.
  • To change the background color: Select the color box. The Color window is displayed. Select a background color and click OK.

3.    Click OK.

4.    To extend the block to cover a range of slots, select it and drag the square in the lower-right corner to the end of the set of time slots to block.

Note: If you attempt to schedule a patient appointment in the blocked slot, a message asking you whether to override the blocked slot is displayed. If you click Yes, the slot is unblocked and the appointment is scheduled.

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