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SoftDent: Charting Primary Teeth on Adult Patients (Mixed Dentition)

SoftDent: Charting Primary Teeth on Adult Patients (Mixed Dentition)


How to Chart primary teeth (Mixed Dentition) on adult patients


1. Enter the patient's restorative chart.

2. Click Chart. (In the top menu bar in between File and Perio)

3. Select Missing.

4. Click on the adult tooth to be marked as "missing". This will make the adult tooth graphic to disappear and a condition for that tooth to be logged in the clinical history. (IE: Tooth #4).

5. Locate and right-click the condition associated with the primary tooth to be marked as erupted. (IE: Tooth "A").

6. Select Delete.

7. Click Yes when asked "Are you sure that you want to delete the selected item(s)?".

8. Perform steps 2 - 7 for any number of teeth.

9. Save the chart.

Additional Information:


An office may have a need to chart mixed dentition (primary and adult teeth) and is noticing that the charting module is not saving their changes. Generally this occurs when offices are just clicking the "number" of the tooth and saving the chart.

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