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SoftDent: Creating and Using Explosion Codes

SoftDent: Creating and Using Explosion Codes


How are Explosion Codes created and used? Why aren't Explosion Codes prompting for tooth or surface?



Explosion codes can be used a convenient way of posting a single transaction code within SOFTDENT Software that will automatically expand into several other codes without having to post each of those codes individually. Codes 100000.00 Through 1000999.99 in SOFTDENT Software can be added as explosion codes.

Adding An Explosion Code

1. Click List in the main menu bar.
2. Select ADA Codes.
3. Highlight any code in the list.
4. Press <A> on the keyboard or click Add to add a code.
5. Enter a code number between 100000.00 and 100999.99.
6. Add a description title to the code and an office code if so desired.
7. Select the Scheduler / Fees tab.
8. Enter the individual ADA transaction codes to be included in the explosion code.
9. Click OK to save the changes.

Using Explosion Codes with Codes Requiring Teeth or Surfaces

Considering that Explosion Codes will automatically populate and appointment, the tooth and/or surface will not be entered automatically. These variables will need to be entered manually in to the transaction after it has been posted, until this is done the procedure will not be charted correctly.

Using Explosion Codes in the Scheduler

1. From the main menu bar, select Scheduler.
2. Find a slot and make an appointment.
4. Select an explosion code from the list ADA Code List when creating the appointment and click OK.



So please to claify the explosion code is just a trigger code ( number) and will populate the scheduler and ledger with the correct codes and fees.

Thank you


You are correct currin
That is what the use of Explosion Codes are for.

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