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SoftDent: Deleting or Deactivating Accounts

SoftDent: Deleting or Deactivating Accounts

IMPORTANT:  You can recover deleted data only from backup tapes or files. When you delete an account, an audit trail entry is made. The name of the user who deleted the data is recorded.

To delete an account:

  • Select List > Account. The Account List Window is displayed.
  • Select the account and click Delete. The Delete Account or Patient Wizard window is displayed.
  • Select Delete Account/Patient. A confirmation message is displayed. Click Yes. A message asks you to print an Account Detail report. To print the report, click Yes.

To mark an account record inactive:

  • Select List > Account. The Account List window is displayed.
  • Double-click the record. The record is displayed in the Account window.
  • Select Inactive.
  • Click OK. A message is displayed.
  • To mark all patients assigned to the account inactive, click Yes.
    • To maintain current patient statuses, click No.
  • Click Close.
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What is the best way to clean up inactive old accounts/patients 10+ years old? 

Hi @Celina

Sorry for the delay, I'll get someone assigned to answer this for you!

The issue is finding a report I can run to get accounts that patients have not been seen in over 10 years.

You have a choice.  You can either run a user-selected report for patients who's last visit was >10 years ago, making sure you search for "not including"  I for inactive patients.  Keep in mind that with this method, you'll find the patient, or multiple patients within an account, but there could be others in the same account that have been seen more recently.

The other choice would be similar, but running a user-selected report for accounts with the same parameters.  Then you'll have to take a look at the patients w/in those accounts.

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