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SoftDent: Enabling Amazing Charts

SoftDent: Enabling Amazing Charts

IMPORTANT: You must install the Amazing Charts software on your server and enable the Carestream Dental interface before you can enable the integration with SoftDent. Contact Amazing Charts for information on purchasing the software and enabling the Carestream Dental interface.

NOTE: Amazing Charts is not currently available in CS SoftDent Cloud.

To enable the Amazing Charts integration with SoftDent:
1.    On the server, select System > Amazing Charts > Enable. A message asking you to call Support for a license is displayed.
2.    Note the phone number, and click OK. Contact Support, and obtain an activation code.
3.    Select Help > About SoftDent. The About SoftDent window is displayed.
4.    Click Enter Activation Code. The Activation Code window is displayed.
5.    Type the activation code, and click OK. A message stating that Amazing Charts has been activated successfully is displayed.
6.    Click OK, close the About SoftDent window, and restart the SoftDent software.
7.    Select System > Amazing Charts > Enable. A message asking you to select the Configure option is displayed.
8.    Click OK. Select System > Amazing Charts > Configure. The configuration process begins. When the process is finished, a message stating that Amazing Charts has        been configured successfully is displayed.
9.    Click OK.

NOTE: See the Amazing Charts help for more information.

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