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SoftDent: How Can Electronic Credit Card Processing Be Enabled For Specific Providers?

SoftDent: How Can Electronic Credit Card Processing Be Enabled For Specific Providers?


How can electronic credit card processing be enabled for specific providers?


If there are multiple providers in the practice that will be using separate merchant accounts for credit card processing, they will need to be enabled individually. To enable credit card processing by provider, perform the following steps.

1. Click on File in the main menu bar.

2. Select Practice. The Practice Information window is displayed.

3. Select Enable Credit Card Processing from the Options section of the Express Bar or Options menu. The Credit Card Settings window is displayed.

4. Select the Enable for Providers radio button.

5. Click OK and then click Close.

6. Click Close to close the Practice Screen.

7. Click List in the main menu bar.

8. Select Provider. The Provider List window is displayed.

9. Double-click a provider to display the provider's settings.

10. In the Credit Card Processing section, select/check Participating


11. Click OK.

12. Click Credit Card Options.

13. Most "Load By Doctor" offices have separate folders with each providers Visanet.ini in it. Click "Load visanet" and browse to \\*softdent server drive*\CCFiles where you should see individual providers folders. Double click whichever provider your loading and load their Visanet.ini file, then Click "Ok"

14. Then click "Workstation Setup" and make sure the "Enable processing over the internet" is checked and "Detect Device" to be sure the swiper (if one is connected) is detected. Then click "Ok"

15. Repeat this process for any other providers.

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