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SoftDent: How Can a Secondary Pre-authorization be Generated?

SoftDent: How Can a Secondary Pre-authorization be Generated?



How can a secondary pre-authorization be generated?


CS SoftDent Software allows treatment plans to be submitted as both primary and secondary pre-authorizations. Treatment plans are submitted to insurance just as a normal transaction, however the claims is marked as a pre-authorization claim and not an actual services claim. There are two possible ways for generating the secondary pre-authorization. One is to simply print a copy of a secondary pre-authorization, which clearly states itself as a copy. A second method is to post a code to the primary pre-authorization in order to close it out for submitting a secondary.

Using the "Print Copy" Method to Print a Secondary Pre-authorization

1. Open the transaction screen for the patient.
2. Open the outstanding claims for the patient.
3. Highlight the outstanding pre-authorization claim.
4. Click View Claim to view the claim details.
5. Click Print Copy.
6. Select 
Secondary Insurance to generate a secondary pre-authorization copy.

Posting a Code 2.xx to Complete the Primary Pre-authorization and Subsequently Submitting the Secondary Claim

1. Create a code 2 with a modifier (2.50, for example) to use as a way to post a zero dollar check payment to primary pre-authorizations. This code can be designated as "
Pre-authorization Returned".
2. Open the patient's treatment plan window.
3. Add the returned pre-authorization code.
3. Change the TYPE field to Estimate.
4. Make certain the proper claim number is selected.
5. Click OK.
6. Click Yes when SOFTDENT Software prompts for final primary payment.
7. Click Yes to submit the
secondary pre-authorization.

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Yes! that works wonderfully. Thanks for you prompt and accurate response. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I didn't notice earlier who posted the answer. Thanks Chris.

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