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SoftDent: How Do I Set Up a Team Talk Note Using the Team Talk Setup Window?

SoftDent: How Do I Set Up a Team Talk Note Using the Team Talk Setup Window?



How Do I Set Up a Team Talk Note Using the Team Talk Setup Window?



Team Talk notes provide many functions within SOFTDENT Software, acting as "pop-ups" or inter-office messages. Many offices refer to them has "post-it notes" within the software.

Setting up Team Talk Notes

1. Click TeamTalk in the main menu bar.
2. Select TeamTalk
Setup. The "Team Talk Setup" window is displayed.
3. Click the drop-down arrow below the "Database Type" field.
4. Select the desired database type for which to create a note.

Choices Available:

  • Account
  • Patient
  • Employer / School
  • Insurance Plan
  1. Select "One/Few #" or "Every #" depending on whether the Team Talk note will be displayed for certain or all records.
    6. Select the frequency for which the note is to appear. The available choices are:
  • At Next Event
  • Always
  • In Date Range (Please note that if the "In Date Range" frequency is selected, a date range must be selected)
  1. If needed click Extra Settings and select any additional conditions as needed. More information on the Extra Settings options is available in the following section.
    8. Enter the desired note description.
    9. Enter the desired text of the note that is to appear.
    10. Select a sound to be played when the note is displayed if so desired.
    11. Click Save.
    12. Click Close to close the "
    Team Talk Setup" window after the note has been saved.

NOTE: If "One/Few" is selected it will be necessary to select the records that are needed. Click the drop-down field to the right of "One/Few #," hold <Ctrl> down on the keyboard and select the records that are needed.

More Information on "Extra Settings" Options

The "Extra Settings" option within
Team Talk notes allows a variety of functionality options for Team Talk notes. This will allow the user to apply the notes to variable conditions for any of the available data records (account, patient, insurance company, or employer/school). Multiple conditions can be added to any Team Talk note.

1. After selecting Extra Settings within the
Team Talk Note Setup the "Team Talk Setup Wizard" is displayed, select the condition needed and click Next.

The following conditions can be selected:

  • Birth Date
  • Medical Alert
  • Number of Missed Appointments
  • Provider
  • Hygienist ID
  • Fee Schedule
  • Balance
  • User Codes
  • Category Code 1 - 5 (Multiple Options)
  • First Visit Date
  • Last Bitewing Date
  • Last Panoral Date
  • Last Full Series Date
  • Date Patient Moved
  • Number of Recall Notices Sent
  • Number of Other Recall Notices Sent
  • Last Exam Date
  • Last Exam Other Recall Date
  • Referred in By Patient
  • Referred in By Dr
  • Number of Referrals
  • Referred Out to Dr
  • Primary YTD Used
  • Primary Ortho Used
  • Budget Plan Balance
  • Employer/School ID
  1. Select the necessary criteria and click Next. This screen depends on the condition that was selected in the prior step. Many conditions allow the user to select whether the note applies to a range or the exact entry (much like User Selected Reports).
    3. When the message, "Would you like to add another condition?" is displayed click No. Otherwise, click Yes and add any other conditions that need to be used.
    4. Click Finish.
    5. Continue with step 8 from Section 1 to complete the
    Team Talk note as usual.

Adding a note through the options menu within the patient information screen

Within the patients information under options there is a selection for "Other Management." 

1) Select Other Management
2) Select Team Talk (This will populate all
team talk notes for this patient)
3) Click Add to create the note

Under classical workspace Team Talk is selectable under Options. There is no selection for "Other Management"


Additional Information:

Training is available on this topic within the Carestream Dental Institute (CDI). Class Name: "Using Team Talk".


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