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SoftDent: How To Add Or Copy An Allowance Table In SoftDent Software

SoftDent: How To Add Or Copy An Allowance Table In SoftDent Software


How to add or copy an Allowance Table


The allowance table feature is new to SOFTDENT Software versions 11.0 and higher.

1. Click List in the main menu bar.

2. Select Allowance Tables.

3. Press <Enter>.

4. Click Add in the Allowance Tables list toolbar.

5. Enter a desired name for the allowance table.

6. Select your preference:

  • Using Fee0 Amounts: Select the Use Fee 0 Amounts radio button. To exclude codes with no amounts, select the Exclude Codes with Zero Amounts checkbox. This is the default selection.
  • Copy from Existing Table: To copy codes from an existing insurance company allowance table.
  • Make Empty Table: This option allows for the creation of allowance table entries at your discretion.

7. Click OK to save the changes.

Additional Information:


Allowance tables allow an office to enter in set allowed amounts that can be applied to multiple insurance plans. These allowed amounts automatically fill in the bluebook along once attached to an insurance plan. Allowed amounts pulling from an Allowance Table can not be edited directly in an insurance plan, they must be edited through the Allowance Tables information. Allowance tables can be a great convenience for an office.

Training is available on this topic within the Carestream Dental Institute (CDI). Class Name: "Utilizing the Bluebook - Using Allowance Tables".

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