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SoftDent: How To Add a Custom Merge Letter Template

SoftDent: How To Add a Custom Merge Letter Template


How to add a custom Merge Letter template


1. Click Experts in the main menu bar.
2. Select Letter Expert.
3. Select Letter Expert - MS Word Document Templates.
4. Highlight any letter in the template list.
5. Click Add to display the Template Information window.
6. Enter a name to be given to the template.
7. Select the type of record the template will be used for.
8. Enter a description of the template.
9. Click Add Word Template.
10. Look for the Insert Merge Field button on the Microsoft Word Toolbar for available merge fields.
11. Enter the text of the letter and insert any merge fields as desired.
12. Click Back to Softdent on the toolbar to return to SoftDent.

Note: Back to SoftDent MUST be clicked in order for the merge template to be properly saved for use within the software.

13. Close the Template Information window.
14. Create a merge using the letter to verify that it works properly.

Additional Information:

The merge letter expert feature allows for the creation of additional merge letter templates beyond those included with SOFTDENT Software. To utilize the merge letter expert, Microsoft Word 2000 or higher is required.


What would cause this not to work?  I'm trying to add some letters and I can add the title and description but when I click add template nothing happens.  I have MS word 13 and am running Softdent version 16.2.  I have opened word through the letter expert and everything is fine.  Something seems disconnected.  Any suggestions?

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