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SoftDent: How To Attach Credit Card Payments From Insurance Companies To Insurance Claims

SoftDent: How To Attach Credit Card Payments From Insurance Companies To Insurance Claims


How do I attach credit card payments from insurance companies to insurance claims


In SoftDent v16.2.x the option to accept Insurance Credit Cards has been added.

Currently within CS SoftDent Software, this is not directly possible.  There is however, a workaround that will allow this process to take place.

The work around is to perform following:

1. Create an insurance credit card payment code in the credit card payment code range of 11.0- 20.89.
2. Add a manual payment to patient transaction screen using the new insurance credit card payment code. In the notes place the claim number that will be associated with this payment.
3. Add a manual code 2 payment for zero dollars and attach the claim. Also include in the note the credit card payment.  This will allow the daysheet to balance. Also allowing you to close out the claim and post a credit card payment.

Additional Information:


A very important caveat of the workaround mentioned in this article is that the patient's YTD Benefits Remaining will not get updated, since the credit card payment code has no effect on YTD and the code 2 is being posted for $0. This causes CS SoftDent to assume the insurance paid nothing on the claims, which in turn subtracts nothing from the patient's YTD. An alternative to this workaround is to create a payment code in the range of 2.00 - 2.89 for the Insurance Credit Card Payment, which can then be posted to the claim for the amount of the payment. This will allow them to close the claim and update the patient's YTD, but be advised that this will cause the payments to not be accounted for on credit card-related reports.


Wouldn't it be nice to create a credit card code that would both update and close out the claim and go over to the credit card statement on your daysheet. It seems so easy to do without a funky adjustment, and it will work with a bulk payment.


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