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SoftDent: How To Cancel And Resubmit An Insurance Claim

SoftDent: How To Cancel And Resubmit An Insurance Claim


How to cancel and resubmit an insurance claim


To cancel and resubmit an existing insurance claim, perform the following steps:

Canceling and Resubmitting a Claim (Via the Mouse)

1. From the main menu, select List.
2. From the drop down menu, select Patient.
3. Highlight the patient and select Transaction from the patient window Toolbar.
4. From the Transaction window, select Outstanding Ins.
5. Highlight the desired claim.
6. From the Outstanding Ins window Toolbar, select View Claim.
7. From the Express Bar Options List, select Cancel Claim.
8. You will receive a prompt: "Cancelling claim. Are you sure?" select Yes to cancel the claim.
9. You will receive another prompt: "Delete claim?" select Yes to delete the claim.
10 Close the Claim window.
11. From the Transaction window Express Bar Options, select Submit Ins to resubmit the claim.
12. You will receive a dialog box to: "Submit transactions between: Start date and End date" select OK.
13. The claim now has a new claim number. Select OK.
14. You will receive a prompt: "Do you want to submit electronically", select OK.

Canceling and Resubmitting a Claim (Via the Keyboard)

Using the keyboard assists users to perform repetitive actions quickly and concisely.

1. Highlight the desired patient for which a claim is to be canceled and resubmitted.
2. Press <T> to view the transactions for the patient.
3. Press <U> to view the open claims for the patient.
4. Use the ↑ and ↓ arrows to highlight the desired claim to cancel.
5. Press <V> to view that claim detail.
6. Press <C> to cancel the claim.
7. Press <Y> to proceed with the cancellation of the claim.
8. Press <Y> again to delete the claim.
9. Press <Esc> to close the open claims list. The patient's transaction screen is now active and any transactions that were on the cancelled claim now show an insurance status of NOT SENT. When submitting insurance again, these transactions will be included on the new claim along with any other transactions that show a NOT SENT status.
10. Press <I> to resubmit the claim.
11. Specify the date range needed then press <Enter>.
12. Check any claim information necessary then press <Enter>. Continue submitting as normal

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