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SoftDent: How To Generate A Receivables Breakdown Report

SoftDent: How To Generate A Receivables Breakdown Report


How to generate a Receivables Breakdown Report


1. Click Reports in the main menu bar.
2. Select Practice Management.
3. Select Receivables Reports.
4. Select Breakdown.
5. Select the desired output option.
6. Click OK.
7. Select the provider id if running for a specific provider.
8. Select whether it is a monthly or yearly breakdown.
9. Select the ending date.
10. Click OK.
11. Allow the report to generate.

Additional Information:

The Receivables Breakdown report contains the following sections:

  • Day or Month: The setup screen for the Receivables Breakdown Report has an option for Yearly Breakdown. If you mark this option, the report prints every month of the year within the specified date range. If you do not mark this option, the report prints every day of the month. The rest of the report remains the same.
  • Beginning A/R: Receivables totals for the previous day or month (depending on the breakdown selected).
  • Production$: Production dollar amounts (codes 100.00+) for the collecting doctor (Dr$).
  • Charges: Total dollar amount for charges posted (codes 61.00- 95.99, 97.00-97.99, 99.00-99.99).
  • Charge Adjustments: Total dollar amount for charge adjustments posted (codes 40.00-60.99)
  • Net Charges: Net Charges = Production$ + Charges +/- Charge Adjustments.
  • Payments: Dollar amount of cash, check, and credit card payments posted (codes 1.00-20.99).
  • Payment Adjustments: Dollar amount of adjustments to payments posted (codes 21.00 to 39.89, 96.00 to 96.89, and 98.00 to 98.89).
  • Net Payments: Net Payments = Payments +/- Payment Adjustments.
  • Ending A/R: Ending AR = Beginning A/R +/- Net Charges +/- Net Payments.
  • Part of A/R on Bgt Plans: Total outstanding amount for account budget plans.
  • Percent Collect: Percent Collected = Net Payments divided by Net Charges.
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