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SoftDent: How To Generate A Time Card Report

SoftDent: How To Generate A Time Card Report


How to generate a time card report


1. From the main menu bar, select Reports.
2. Select Accounting.
3. Select Time Card.
4. Select the proper output option and click OK.
5. The "Time Card Dialog Window" will be displayed.
6. Enter the start and stop dates and select an Employee ID number or leave it at 9999 to report all employees' times.
7. Include the following check boxes as necessary:

To include inactive employee information in the report, select "Include Inactive Employees".

To print an Employee's entries on a page, check "Print each employee on single page".

To print totals only, select "Print Totals Only" (Available in versions 14.0 and higher).

8. Click OK.

Additional Information:


The time card report cannot currently be generated in any other time format (IE: Military time)

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So I was looking for previous discussions on this and I have a couple of questions, now that we have merged into the Softdent Time Card.

1 - For today, we had a staff meeting.  Once they clocked in again, I was unable to add the Staff Meeting until they clock out.  Is that correct?

2 - Can you add future events like personal the office is closed next week and I would like to add their personal time now even tho they will be working for 2 more days.

I never got answers to my questions on time add something in the middle of the day OR future events.

Also, I would request that once you set up your time frame that you do NOT always have to start again with the week at hand.  If the time care report would even default to the current date, that would be a help.  I just checked and if I was to run the report, it would start on 10/8 and I have set my preferences as pay day starts on Wednesday.  It does keep you on your toes but it is frustrating that it can't default to a date closer to the time of printing, like today's date.

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