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SoftDent: How To Generate Weekly or Monthly Billing Statements

SoftDent: How To Generate Weekly or Monthly Billing Statements


To run monthly or weekly billing statements


Accessing Billing Statement Settings

1. Click System in the main menu bar.
2. Select Change System Settings.
3. Select Billing Statements.
4. Check the box labeled "Ask to send statement after final insurance payment".
5. Enter the "Cycle Billing Period" (minimum number of days between statements for an account)

Weekly Billing enter: 25 - 28 days
Bi-monthly Billing enter: 15 - 16 days
Monthly: 7 days or less

Running Monthly Billing Statements

1. Click Reports in the main menu bar.
2. Select Accounting.
3. Select Statements.
4. Select Monthly.
5. Select the desired output option.
6. Selected desired provider ID.
7. Click OK on the Billing Statement Setup screen.
8. Allow the statements to be generated.

Additional Information:

Explanation of the Billing Cycle

Weekly Billing: 25 - 28 days:

The reason 25 - 28 days is used within the billing statement settings are because when weekly statements are needed they are run on a weekly basis. When this process begins initially the statements should be run for a specific name range such as last names A - H. Then the next week billing statements will be run for I - N or something similar until all names have been covered. After the initial month is over all the user has to do is run the statements for all names and only the "A-H" last names will receive statements considering that they have not received a statement for 25 - 28 days. This process continues each week.

Bi-monthly Billing: 15 - 16 days:

In this case each account will receive a statement as long as they have not received a statement within 15 or 16 days. This statement generation can be run twice a month.

Monthly: 7 days or less:

Monthly billing means that basically everyone (except for those who have received a statement manually within the last 7 days) will receive a statement when the billing statement process is run.

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