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SoftDent: How to Generate a Missed Appointments Report

SoftDent: How to Generate a Missed Appointments Report



How to generate a list of missed appointments


1. Click Reports.
2. Select Missed Appointments.
3. The "Output Options" window is displayed.
4. Select Print to display the Missed Appointment Report Setup window.
5. To add missed appointments to the Tickler file, select Enter Missed Appointments into Tickler.
6. To remove Scheduler colors and blocked slots, select Remove Colors from Scheduler.
7. Click OK to process the settings.

Understanding Report Results

For each patient that has missed an appointment, the report includes:

* Name
* Identification number
* Phone numbers
* Appointment date
* Appointment time
* Provider identification number
* Operatory
* Reason for each missed appointment

Additional Information:

It is not possible to re-print a Missed Appointments report once it has been displayed. However, if the Enter Missed Appointments in to Tickler option was checked before running the missed appointments report they will be displayed in the tickler file.

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