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SoftDent: How to Generate a Tickler File Report

SoftDent: How to Generate a Tickler File Report


Generate a report of entries listed in the Tickler File


1. Click Reports.
2. Select Recall/Appt.
3. Select Tickler File.
4. Select the Output Option desired and click OK.
5. The "Ticker Report Setup" window is displayed. Enter a new title if needed.
6. Enter a date range. This date range is specifying when the patient was put in the Tickler File.
7. If running this report for a specific provider enter the provider's ID number in the field labeled "Include Entries for Provider".
8. From the options section, check the boxes related to the type of tickler report you wish to print:

Cancel appointments
Broken appointments
Missed appointments
Followup appointments
Planned Treatment
Manual Entries
Family Recall
Overlapped appointments

9. Click OK to generate the report.

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