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SoftDent: How to Modify, Edit, and Customize Routing Slips

SoftDent: How to Modify, Edit, and Customize Routing Slips


How to modify, edit, and customize Routing Slips


1. Close SOFTDENT Software on all machines.
2. Open SOFTDENT Software Utilities on the server.
3. Click Customize in the main menu bar.
4. Select Modify Routing Slip Codes.
5. To Edit or Remove a code, highlight the code and:

Editing:  Click Edit to modify the code

Removing: Click Cut to completely remove the code.

6. To add a code, highlight the existing code that should appear below it and click the Insert button.
7. Enter the code number that is to be inserted.
8. Click OK.
9. Click Save when the desired codes have been changed, removed, or added.
10. Click Close.
11. Close SOFTDENT Software Utilities.

Additional Information:

The maximum amount of codes that may be displayed on the routing slips is forty eight (48).


Can you add or see the last medical history date on the routing slips?

Hey jenny
the only dates will show on patient portion of routing slip are , last exam , panoral , full series , bitewing , perio exam
there is no way to add the last medical history update date to routing slip , however you can manually enter that date in notes in patient information , notes tab , notes the upper left notes field will show on the routing slips right under the patient portion

Would I be able to customize as directed if I'm on the cloud?

bgalofredds, Since you don't have direct access to your utilities while on the cloud, you may contact someone in support to assist you in customizing your routing slips to your liking.

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