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SoftDent: PreAuthorizations - Submitting A Primary Pre-Authorization Claim From A Treatment Plan

SoftDent: PreAuthorizations - Submitting A Primary Pre-Authorization Claim From A Treatment Plan


How to submit a Preauthorization Claim for a Treatment Plan to the primary insurance company


1. In the Patient List window, select a patient and select Treatment Plan or press <X> on the keyboard. The Treatment Plan List window is displayed.
2. Click Submit Ins. on the toolbar. The "Submit Pre-Auths" window is displayed.
3. Type the treatment group number in the "Treatment Group Number" field.
4. Select the treatment items and click OK. The "Transaction Submission" window is displayed.
5. Select the start and ending entry dates for the procedures and click OK. The "Claim" window is displayed and the Preauthorization field is selected.
6. Click OK. The "Submit Primary" window is displayed.
7. Perform one of the following options:

  • To print the insurance claim now, select "Do you want to print it now?", type the number of copies to print in the "Number of copies to print" field, and click OK.
  • To print the insurance claim later, click OK.

8. Click Close.


Is there a way to default preauth submissions to PRINT?  We don't ever electronically submit preauths.

Why would you not send Pre-auths electonically?    I am asking out of sincere curiosity, no snarkiness here.     electronic pre-ds will return rather quickly, another perk is that you can use the same NEA on both Primary and Secondary claims, additionally, Primary and Secondary Pre-d's can be sent on the same day and often return at the same time.     Also, within SOftdent you can submit for an "auto-Pred" and often receive a notice immediately for services that do not require film review.  

To my knowledge we don't have the ability to electronically attach anything.  This is the way they have been doing it here for years before I came.  I guess I need to look into this, it would definitely be easier.  

Are your claims all processed on paper?   

Just the ones with attachments.  But I figured out that we were not signed up for NEA attachments, so we are working on fixing that!

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