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SoftDent: Running or Generating a Collections Summary Report

SoftDent: Running or Generating a Collections Summary Report


Generate a list of collection amounts generated for the selected provider during a specific date range.


1. Click Reports in the main menu bar.
2. Select Practice Management.
3. Select Collection Reports.
4. Select Summary.
5. Select the proper output option and click OK.
6. Select the proper date range for the report.
7. Select the necessary provider IDs for the report.
8. Click OK. Allow the report time to generate.


Additional Information:

Understanding Report Fields

Date: Date of payment.
Dr: Provider credited with payments.
Cash: Dollar amount for cash payments posted (codes 1.00-1.99).
Pers. Chk: Dollar amount for personal check payments posted (codes 3.00-10.99).
Ins. Chk: Dollar amount for insurance check payments posted (codes 2.00-2.99).
Credit Card: Dollar amount for credit card payments posted (codes 11.00-20.99).
Subtotals: Totals for cash, personal payments, insurance payments, and credit card payments.
Totals: Total of subtotals

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