SoftDent: Running the Short Call List Report

SoftDent: Running the Short Call List Report

The Short Call List report generates a list of patients willing to move the scheduled appointment time if an earlier appointment is available. Select the Short Call checkbox in the Appointment Card or Tickler Entry windows.

To generate the Short Call List report:

1.  Select Reports > Recall/Appt > Short Call List. The Output Options window is displayed.

2.  Select an output option and click OK. The Short Call Report Setup window is displayed.

3.  Select an option:

  • To include normal recall patients: Select Hyg Recall.

  • To include other recall patients: Select Other Recall.

  • To include non-recall patients: Select Non Recall.

  • To include short recall tickler entries: Select Tickler File.

  • To include appointment short call tickler entries: Select Appointments.

  • To restrict the results to a specific appointment length: Type the number in the Include Entries with Appointment Length field.

  • To restrict the results to a provider: Type the identification number in the Providers section.

4.  Click OK.

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