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SoftDent: Running the Transactions for a Period Report

SoftDent: Running the Transactions for a Period Report

This report details all transactions posted during a specific period and summarizes transactions by provider. You also can find out how many adjustments were made in a month, year, and so on. You can select individual patient details/summaries and totals.


To run the Transactions for a Period report:

1.    Select Reports > Accounting > Trans for a Period.

2.    Select the output type, and click OK. 

3.    Select the start and end date for the report. 

4.    In the Format section, type a format for the report.

  • Select the Include Indirect Sources for Doctor (if Applicable) option to have the report show all of the production dollars for the specified doctor(s).
    • This means that the indirect production will be rolled over into the doctor’s production. If you do not select the option, only the production done solely by the doctor(s) is shown.
  • Select the Include Inactive Accounts/Patients option to include inactive accounts or patients in the report.

5.    In the Code Types section, set the type of transactions to include in the report.

6.     Type the user codes for the accounts you want to include or exclude.

7.    Type the user codes for the patients you want to include or exclude.

8.    In the Codes section, type the transaction codes you want to include in the report.

9.    Click the drop-down arrow to select the doctors for the report, or leave the default of 999 to report on all doctors.

10.    Click OK.

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Does anyone have a code that they use to track different types of no-shows or cancellations? We use a scheduling service to call recall and past due patients. I would like to have a report that shows how many of these patients are no shows/cancellations. Thanks!

r.hall​ could you provide some insight on this?

Instead of using the transaction for a period report, I would run the  missed appointment report and the tickler report. 

The missed appointment report should be run 1st thing in the morning.  This will take all the appointments not checked out and place them in the tickler with missed appointment as a reason.  Anyone who cancels an appointment and doesn't reschedule that is placed in the tickler with reason the being cancelled.


SOFTDENT Software does not specifically write cancelled appointments to

the patient transaction history, however many offices choose to create a

Cancelled Appointment transaction code that they manually post to a


Offices can create their own transaction code to denote a cancelled or

missed appointment. This code should be in the 61.00 to 91.99 code range.

Fee amounts can also be added to this range of codes if needed.

David McCrory| Technical Support Analyst

Office: 866.435.7473 Fax: 678.247.0267

Carestream Dental LLC

david mccrory thank you. I assumed that would be the best way to approach it but wanted to be sure before I started.

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