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SoftDent: Transferring Credit Balances

SoftDent: Transferring Credit Balances

You can automatically transfer credits from one doctor or patient to another.

Example: If someone pays $20 on a $100 procedure, and the practice receives an insurance check for $90, the patient has a $10 credit. If another patient in the account has a balance, the remainder may be applied to the balance of the other patient.

To transfer a credit balance:

1.    In the Patient window: Select Transactions from the Options section of the Express bar or Options menu. The patient Transactions window is displayed. Select Payments from the Options section of the Express bar or Options menu.

The Payments window is displayed.

2.    Select Transfer Credits in the Select Operation section. A confirmation message is displayed. Click Yes. The Payments - Transfer Credits window is displayed. Automatic is displayed in the Code drop-down list. The total for transactions displayed in the window is displayed in the Amount field.

3.    Select an option:

  • To transfer the credit amount to transactions by the transaction creation date: Click By Age. The credit is applied based on the age of the transactions.
  • To transfer the credit amount evenly to all transactions: Click Evenly. A percentage of the credit is transferred to all transactions based on the transaction’s percentage of the outstanding balance.

4.    To add a note, select the Notes column for the transaction, and type the information.

5.    Click Post. Code 98 is posted to the patient receiving the debit and code 96 to the patient receiving the credit.

6.    Click Close.

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