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SoftDent: Unable to Launch Two (2) Copies of CS SoftDent Software Since Upgrading to Version 16.x.x

SoftDent: Unable to Launch Two (2) Copies of CS SoftDent Software Since Upgrading to Version 16.x.x



Since upgrading to version 16.x.x I can no longer launch 2 copies of CS SoftDent software


Note: Only applies to Classic Scheduler versions such as 16.x.x \ 17.x

            Does Not Apply to versions 15.x.x \ 116.x.x \ 117.x

            Does Not Apply to Cloud versions as they utilize a Citrix connection


The ability to launch two (2) copies of CS SoftDent software is still available with the following steps:

1. Right click on the current CS SoftDent Software icon on your desktop

2. From the options, choose Copy

3. Move to a blank space on the desktop and right click again.

4. From the options, choose Paste (this should create a new CS SoftDent icon on the desktop).

5. Right click on the newly created CS SoftDent icon

6. From the options, choose Properties

7. Change the Target path which is the top field of the Properties window to C:\SoftDent\SDWin.exe –sus (this should be the local location of the executable SDWin.exe minus the Software Update System) thus allowing a second copy of CS SoftDent to be logged in (Do Not make any changes to the original CS SoftDent icon as it will not launch if changes are made)

8. Click OK at the bottom right of the Window.

9. Launch CS SoftDent from both CS SoftDent icons and log in to each to ensure that you are able to log into CS SoftDent from both icons now.


Additional Information:

CS SoftDent, by default, installs to workstations in the following directory: C:\SoftDent. However, based on the installed version it may install into a different directory as seen below:

Client Server (Faircom) installs to: C:\Client\SDWinCS.exe, by default,  and therefore the new Target path within Properties would be: C:\Client\SDWinCS.exe -sus


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Chris, I was SO EXCITED when I saw you posted instructions on how to do this! I followed your steps but when I click on the new icon it says "you must run Softdent from the desktop or program shortcut". HELP! 

ninaclaydental‌ I'm finishing up in a meeting at the moment, but if you will message me your phone number I will call you after my meeting to see where the problem is.

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