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SoftDent: Utilities, General Overview, ACB

SoftDent: Utilities, General Overview, ACB



From time to time there may be a question as to which order the file utilities should be run as well as how often they should be run. It is not absolutely necessary to run utilities on a monthly or weekly basis. Generally, the need to run utilities will arise if problems, such as DBM error or blank appointments occur. It is not recommended to run utilities if you are not experiencing any data related problems. 

It is important to note that BEFORE running utilities, it is IMPERATIVE to make certain that there is a valid backup and that the backup can be restored should it be necessary. 


Note: It is imperative that a local backup, at minimum, is performed prior to performing any SoftDent utility (SDUtils) as the process of performing utilities has a direct affect on the database and therefore having a backup prior to performing utilities will ensure that a working database is captured in the event an issue arises during the utilities run.  

SoftDent: Creating a Copy or Backup of the SoftDent Software Folder or Database as a Temporary Backu...

Performing a Local Backup

1. Right-click on the SOFTDENT icon on the desktop
2. Select Properties.
3. Determine the Target (C:\SOFTDENT\SDWin.exe).
4. Close the properties dialog box.
5. Open My Computer.
6. Open drive C:.
7. Locate SoftDent and right-click on it and COPY.
8. Close My Computer.
9. Right click on any blank space on the desktop and PASTE.

Accessing SoftDent Utilities

1. Close SOFTDENT Software on all machines.
2. Move to the server machine.
3. Click Start.
4. Select Programs or All Programs.
5. Select SoftDent Software.
6. Select SoftDent Software Utilities.
7. Enter the user name and password.
8. Click OK to log into SOFTDENT Software Utilities.

Running SoftDent Software Standard Utilities (ACB)


  • Rebuild/Reindex (A)
  • Find Largest ID (C)
  • Find Repair Corrupt (B)

When running file utilities, they should be performed in the following order (ACB):

1. From the main menu, select File
2. From the drop-down menu, select Rebuild / Reindex
3. Select the button Select All.
4. Select Yes to run the utility.


5. When the program completes it will take you back to the start of Rebuild/Reindex, select Exit or Cancel to end the process.
6. From the main menu select File
7. From the drop down menu, select Find Largest ID.
8. Select the button labeled Select All and hit Enter
9. Select Yes to run the utility.
10. You will need to select OK until the program has complete.
11. When complete it will take you back to the beginning, Cancel the program to end the process.
12. From the main menu, select File.
13. From the drop down menu, select Find / Repair Corrupt Records.
14. Select the button labeled Select All and hit Enter.
15. Select Yes to run the utility.
16. Select No so you want pause after every table being processed. (Select Yes if you want it to pause after every table)
17. After the utility completes it will take you back to the beginning of Find/Repair. Select Cancel to end the process.
18. Exit the SOFTDENT
utilities program.

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Why couldn't development write a utility such that these processes are done automatically on schedule per user settings?  Then we could schedule on an off day without any user intervention.

It's our experience that when Support requests these during normal operating hours that puts a large level of stress for the work flow of our offices.  Especially those of ours who are using any or all things digital in the treatment rooms.

It is a large time suck to watch the backup .... then once complete, to watch and monitor the utilities.

IF the idea is NOT to run utilities until there is a problem, then logic would state that the only time a problem would show up is when the office is in full work mode.  Therefore, an executive decision must be made (I've done it a few times) whereby we either bypass the backup, OR we postpone the running of utilities UNTIL a time better suited for the practice and the patients.

This is a well know conflict of Support call and such .... if it is BETTER to keep our data clean, error free, and tidy, then we should have a way of running these processes on their own.


It's great that you've mentioned this and we agree and this idea is already in discussion. Please allow me to add juriz‌ to allow him to possibly provide more information regarding this.

What do I do with invalid records when i am running Find/Repair corrupt. ?

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