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SoftDent, Version 16.2.3 Enhancements

SoftDent, Version 16.2.3 Enhancements

SoftDent, version 16.2.3, includes enhancements in the following areas:

Third-Party Imaging Software Integration
A new imaging integration enables SoftDent Cloud users to launch their third-party imaging software, as well as Florida Probe, directly from the patient chart and gives on-premises users access to additional third-party imaging software.

You can now access the following imaging software from the patient chart:

Bold text indicates the imaging software that SoftDent Cloud and on-premises users can select. Regular text indicates the imaging software that only on-premises users can select. Asterisks indicate new imaging software options.

  • Dentsply/New Image - Xamine-It
  • Dentsply/Gendex - VixWin
  • Digora
  • Schick
  • Trophy - ui
  • Dexis
  • Cygnus Imaging
  • PlanMeca Dimaxis
  • CliniView
  • Dolphin*
  • TigerView
  • PW Dicom
  • Patient Gallery*
  • ImageFXSycan*
  • Medicor MiCAPS*
  • Florida Probe*

If your office has previously been accessing Dentsply/New Image - Xamine-It, Trophy - ui, Cygnus Imaging, PlanMeca Dimaxis, or CliniView from the patient chart, your settings are retained, and you do not need to take any action.

If your office uses any of the imaging software highlighted in bold, if you have never used SoftDent or imaging before, or if your office uses SoftDent Cloud, you must configure each machine that will be running imaging software.

To configure your third-party imaging software:

  • Select Patient Chart > Chart > Options > X-ray. The Chart Properties X-ray tab is displayed.
  • Select the imaging software name from the drop-down list and select an option:
  • If the X-ray EXE Path: field is enabled:
    • Click Browse, navigate to the imaging software .exe file, and select it.
    • Click OK.
    • Click OK.


If the X-ray EXE Path: field is greyed out:

    • Click OK.
    • The first time you launch the imaging software (by selecting X-ray > Start 'software name'), a message asking you to configure the imaging software is displayed. Click OK. The Imaging Launcher Preferences window is displayed.
    • Click the ... (Browse) button, navigate to the imaging software .exe file, and select it.
    • Click Open.
    • Click Save and Launch.

In addition, imaging options for Dolphin, Patient Gallery, ImageFXSycan, Medicor MiCAPS, and Florida Probe have been added to the list of imaging software on the Other tab (Patient Chart > Chart > Options > Other).

CDT-2016 Codes
The latest edition of the Current Dental Terminology (CDT-2016) codes is included with this version of SoftDent.

When the CDT-2016 codes are installed, the following things occur:

  • Nineteen new codes are added to the database.
  • Twelve codes are revised.
  • Eight codes are removed.

When you open the software for the first time, a CDT 2016 End User License Agreement window is displayed. Read the license agreement carefully. If you agree to the terms, click Accept to load the new codes.


SoftDent Software Now Windows 10 Compatible
You can now use SoftDent, version 16.2.3, with Windows 10.

NOTE:  The fingerprint scanner is currently not supported in Windows 10. If your office is using the fingerprint scanner, do not install Windows 10.

Trophy Review and Annotate (R&A) Software Development Kit (SDK)
The first time you open SoftDent after installing version 16.2.3, you might be prompted to run the Trophy R&A SDK installer. This software enables you to view images in SoftDent, and if prompted, you should install it.

  • At the prompt, click OK. The Light Trophy R&A SDK installation window is displayed, and the installation begins.
  • When the installer is finished, click Close.
  • If Windows User Account Control is enabled on your computer, you might be asked if you want to allow the software installation. Click Yes.
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