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Canine III

2017 Enhancement Wish-List

Good Morning. We are in the planning phase for additional enhancements to CS WinOMS.  We have our dream list, now let's have yours!

Premolar III

Signature pictures –should be able to make a snippet or merge field so don’t have to create second set of letters or EMR notes just for one field per doctor.


Signature merge field in letters doesn’t work-11/21 new EMR team working on


Staff member setup-EMR settings-should be able to choose EMR notes, not just consents


D9220 and D9221 in original treatment plan.  Updated to D9223.  Still posted D9220 and D9221 when dragged to charges.  Is it because it was already billed as a pretreatment estimate?   case #6042310


Anesthesia log keeps going back to the front instead of staying on current time: Did carestream escalate issue with anesthesia log going back to beginning instead of staying on current surgery time for entering drugs?  case #5753264  3/21 at development new case #6042293


Everything on the PBHS registration form should pull over and be a merge field: Amoxicillin, relative seen at the practice?  patient referral  11/21 submitted Q to PBHS about if they sent data field over to winoms or not

Exported reports to Excel should show totals  Answer: excel limitation

Time should default to PM from 1-12 in timecard system and anesthesia record.  Will if you type in military time.

When doing a search, search criteria should be saved when you come back to the search screen.  Example: do a search in procedure codes by any of the fields.  After updating particular code, when you go back, should still show search criteria.


Need to be able to assign each appointment to a staff member.


Need to be able to create custom office experts.  If the data is there, you should be able to pull it, report it!

Office experts should go away from Practice Central for the day once completed or 0 to begin with

Aged Receivables Expert should reflect which patients are on budget plans just like the report does 11/21 Paula Bonner working on


PBHS allows patients to upload a picture of their insurance card at the end of registration.  This needs to be brought into WinOMS. 11/21 Paula Bonner working on



on the implant tab having a field for the lot # and the ref #  because if you call nobel they require both and there’s no field to put them both into we just put them both in the lot # area  11/21 Paula Bonner working on


should be able to mark RXs as called rather than printed so that printing is disabled to avoid accidentally printing later 11/21 Paula Bonner working on.  Workaround for now is voiding and putting in void comment box

Need to be able to dock a patient multiple times while still having them in your own dock-11/21 Paula Bonner working on

When docking a patient, should be able to set a reminder date-11/21 Paula Bonner working on


Should make default in all appointments to have checkbox check for Allow Double Booking or allow default to be set in appointment type setup for each appt type

For HIPAA reasons, there should be a limit on how many invalid password attempts a user can make before locking out. 11/21 Paula Bonner working on


Also on treatment plans, if you enter a multiple unit number, it should autopopulate the correct charge amount.  Answer: only works on ledgers, not tx plans for now. 5/5/16 submitting to Base coding

Registration processing-doesn’t have all of the patient relationship types we have in the system.  Missing Child-no financial relationship, for example

Pretreatment estimates aren’t coded to pull secondary insurances.  Case #5280525

Need more the 25 characters for employment name 

Need a report that compares appointment creation date to appointment date to track how long patients have to wait to get in for an appointment.  Needs to be able to do averages.

In a chart, in contact notes, should be able to sort by reminder date 11/21 Paula Bonner working on

Service charges-should be able to set up to where don’t apply until Ins due field is zero.  Answer: check setting once on newest release to set

For non-insurance charges, these should not go on pre-treatment estimates. 11/21 Paula Bonner working on


Need to be able to mark a primary phone

System should flag new patients with existing patient’s address, phone or email so we know they are relatives. 11/21 Paula Bonner working on


eReminders: fees due at time of service , if you have not already done so, register online or arrive 20 minutes early to register   Should be standard options-submitted to Idea Exchange 5/22/15  Should auto-email pt registration link to website if it’s their first appt

Relationship choices for guarantors and insured parties should be the same-doesn’t have Child-Financial responsibility for example

Canine II

Would like to ask how long you will be accepting ideas from this forum?  Thanks

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Premolar I

Suggestion: a drop-down box when cross-coding between CPT and CDT, when one medical/dental code could have multiple cross codes. 

Here is an example: A CT of the maxillofacial area (w/o contrast) is taken, and its applicable CPT code is 70486. If there is a reduction in services (i.e. only a single arch CT is taken), a -52 modifier would be appended to 70486. If I want to COB to dental insurance, the problem is that there are no less than 3 different CDT codes that I can pick from (D0365, D0366, D0367). Regardless of whether 70486 has a reduction modifier or not, 70486 will only automatically cross code with one other procedure code (I have it set to D0367). If a patient has a CT of the maxilla (70486-52), it will not automatically cross code to D0366 (it will still go to D0367).

Here is another example: A patient presents for the excision of a benign neoplasm of the maxilla (21030). Depending on whether or not it is odontogenic in origin, as well as the size of the lesion, there are several CDT codes that 21030 could actually correlate to.

On the other side of things, here is a consultation example: According to CDT, there is one code for a professional consultation (D9310). According to CPT, there are five different outpatient consultation code (99241-99245).

If any other offices have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. I really think that having some sort of drop down box, or some way to select among multiple cross codes, would really streamline the COB process.

- Steve

Premolar I

Will there be the ability (in the new EMR) to search for medical and surgical history items, allergies, and medications, via keyword search, instead of just exact phrase?

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Premolar II

Searchable Allergies, Medical History, and Medications

This idea was actually shared twice in the Idea Exchange, first by me with 21 votes, then by another user with another 27 votes. This is a HUGE stumbling block for our clinical users on a daily basis. They are forced to scroll literally thousands of medications with only SIX items in view at any given time, as the window is not expandable.

I cannot fathom a reason that a search window isn't available, especially one that would transition as you type, prompting down in the list to the words beginning with P-E-N as soon as you began to type "Penicillin".

We do not use the conversion option for Allergies/PMH/Meds with online registrations because it too readily creates multiple listings for the same medication in WinOMS if the patient happens to misspell the med. This renders all the attached alerts we've created to Penicillin useless, as they are not applied to that patient, if they typed "PCN".

The good news is that our new EMR allows a type ahead feature, making searching extremely easy.  Please sign up for one of the EMR Elite seminars here: 

Not only for allergy also medical History medication and they also gave a surgery history.  You can also put notes next to each item

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Thank you! I've registered for the webinar and look forward to seeing what lies ahead!

Premolar II

Is the Idea Exchange still a "living" forum, or are we transitioning those ideas onto this forum?

Also, there are many great ideas on there that are over 6 years old which have many votes but no follow-up response from Carestream. We have no way of knowing if they are too old to be considered relevant, have they been determined impossible from a coding standpoint, or if there is another reason they are not under development (even as a low-priority item).

Some that are of keen interest to us are:

Canine II

Shannon Baker; 

Are you using WinOMS; if there is a short call in this software I would love to know where?  I have even spoken to representatives and been told there isn't a way to do this currently.

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Sorry, no we aren't using WinOMS. That must be the problem. Not sure why they wouldn't have a short call list. Doesn't make sense.

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Canine III

Ability to make changes in more than one family member's chart at the same time. This is so frustrating. 

Canine II

Call list.  Somewhere to add patients that would like to be sooner if cancellation occurs.  Never had a software that did not have this capability.

We use the Short Call for that, unless I misunderstand what you are looking for.

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Ok, great. I will add it to our list.  Appreciate the feedback.

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