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Canine II

2022 Wishlist

It's that time off the year to put the wish/need list in. 

1. Itemized receipt with date range vs. one specific date range** This is a need, especially for patients that pay with a FSA or HSA.

2. Pharmacy- location to put pharmacy and address information, whether it is in the EMR or workspace.

3. Merge accounts

4. Link family members

5. Customize  Practice central to see ONLY user contact notes. Not the whole practice contact notes.

6. Cancellation List

7. A feature to help eliminate double booked appointment, by different people

8. Treatment plan - Stage planning- especially for implants

9. Lobby Check in/out process- allowing patients to check in, enter any additional information that they need to complete the account, sign forms, pay bills. Patients are more techy.

10. Appointment schedule - automatic live refresh  vs manual refresh