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Canine II

ADA Claim Form Box 26 - Tooth System

According to the ADA 2022 coding book, the Tooth System (Box 26 on the ADA claim form) must read "JO" any time a quadrant/arch is entered, and "JP" when a tooth number is entered.  Our dental claim forms list JP as the Tooth System in Box 26, regardless of whether we enter a tooth number or a quadrant/arch in Box 27, so our claims are being denied.  Our only option is to print out the claim and white out the JP and write in JO.  This means non of these claims can be sent electronically.   I checked with the CS WINOMS help desk and was told this may be updated in a future version of WINOMS, but there is nothing we can do about it yet.  Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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