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Premolar III

Adding new user issue with 9.6

We now have to choose Processing Ctr instead of Practice because the Practice options are blank.  We then have to reopen the user and fix it.  You guys know these things don't work properly yet tell us we have to just live with these work-arounds instead of making them work they way they should.  It is not intuitive to pick processing center since a doctor, a front or back staff member are not working for a 3rd party processing center.  I'm so tired of your support staff like Howie saying that's just the way it is and we need to live with it.  You forget that we are the end users and paying customers and you need to make the system work the way it should for us, not you.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Adding new user issue with 9.6

Hello, there is a known issue in the software and is currently being resolved by Development in the next release v.10.0. Until that fix is implemented into the released version, the workaround you mentioned having to choose the Processing Center is necessary in order to add a new user for now in 9.6. Another workaround is to edit practice preferences to activate the Nick Name section on the demographic tab. ie. add a short name for the practice in the Nick name field. Go back to Tables> users. You are now able to add users. I understand these steps are an inconvenience for the moment but will go away with the future release of the software WinOMS v10.0. Thank you for expressing your concerns none of which are taken lightly.

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