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Anesthesia Record - Dispensed Units Incorrect

We are getting denials from medical insurance carriers because our anesthesia record does not have a unit of measurement in the "Dispensed Units" column of the record.

For example, Decadron (J1100) is 4mg/mL. If we administer 16mg of Decadron (4mL), the Dispensed Units column shows a "4", but it does not reflect mg vs. mL.

How do we get a unit of measurement in the Dispensed Units column so that our records are correct and complete, and so our claims process correctly?




Community Manager
Community Manager

@stu @cheryl_hayes any suggestions? 

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I don't think you meant to tag me here - maybe the wrong Cheryl?
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Please advise of the status of this fix, as we are currently being forced to provide uncompensated billable services due to the anesthesia record not reflecting dosage amounts given, as well as the specific timing of the administration of medications. 


Thank you.

We have the same issue. Along with the "other" that randomly pops up under the dosage instead of the mg/cc, etc. I have asked about this before but haven't gotten any replies on how to fix this.