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Premolar III

Anyone use Citrix Workspace w/ WinOMS cloud

Per support's request, I started switching our office to use Citrix Workspace and not Citrix Receiver.  Since we switched, we randomly have issues with our EMR notes.  Several times a day on different patients and different computers, the EMR notes "lock up".  We can't type in the EMR note at all.  We can highlight text or click OK to close the note.  We can pull up the schedule or even OMSImaging.  There are several ways our staff "unlock" the note:

1. Close the note and patient and open back up.
2. Open the Point of Care and then go back into WinOMS (don't think they need to close patient this way)
3. Open imaging and click on xray or 2 and then go back to note and open.

I believe there are other ways that allows them to finish their note but those are the top 3.  I have a case open with support but don't have case number right now.  I have been working w Ethan Wood but he is unable to recreate and has recently moved this up the chain.

Anyone else have similar issues?
Please let me know.


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