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Premolar III

Anyone use Patient Manager for WinOMS

We currently use Lighthouse 360 for patient appt reminders.  All has been working fine but I recently found out that LH360 will not work with WinOMS v10.  Our office wants/needs to move to version 10 soon.  We recently watched a demo on Patient Manager and it seem very similar to LH360.  Has anyone been using Patient Manager that can share some feedback?

Thanks for any info.

Premolar I

We are using it! it was a major upgrade for us as we were not using anything like it before but the very basic e reminders so we like it.  


one feature that does not work for us is blasting by office.  it always sends to both offices so that's annoying.  


they promised us our phone number would be linked as our texting phone number and that's never happened so that's annoying.   the reviews don't post to our social media so that's annoying.  


but the texting works well... wish it was easier to see new messages when they come in but it works ok 

i get emails too with the messages so I'm always double checking to make sure the girls didn't miss cancelling someone who cancels via text

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