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Are wireless devices more reliable using WinOMS Cloud?

We just started using Surface Pro 4 tablets in our office and lose wireless connection to our WinOMS database quite often.

If we moved to WinOMS Cloud, are there tolerances built in to the Cloud version that would make our wireless connections more reliable?


Renee Pressley

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Are wireless devices more reliable using WinOMS Cloud?

Great question.

First, let me say that if you are experiencing wireless connectivity issues, you should get them diagnosed by your IT company.  There may be environmental issues that contribute to to your issues that they may be able to help determine and solve, and those issues would not be improved by moving the database to the hosted environment without first addressing them.

Second, problems with the local network may manifest themselves differently in our hosted cloud environment than they do in your "local server" environment.  What I mean is, you would probably be trading one issue for another, and the other might be equally annoying.  Without understanding anything about your network and infrastructure, I would recommend addressing the network problems first and foremost.

OK, with that out of the way, on to the THEORYCRAFTING.  I haven't actually tested this, but in THEORY, when a user disconnects from the Citrix hosted environment without actually logging off, they will be returned to exactly where they left off when they reconnect.  In cases like this, the software would be sitting there, waiting for the user to return and complete whatever they were doing.  Sounds less disruptive, right?

Yeah, except that while the software might perform better in this kind of environment, peripherals would certainly not.  Citrix is much less tolerant when it comes to losing connections to other devices, like printers, and you might find that a printer you normally use is not available when you need it. This could be equally, even more frustrating depending on the situation.  This part isn't theory, by the way; I've experienced this, and it's throw-your-laptop-across-the-room irritating. 

Bottom line, fix the network issues first before getting into our cloud. The cloud platform isn't a satisfactory way to escape those problems.

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Re: Are wireless devices more reliable using WinOMS Cloud?

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