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Canine III

Attaching images to new walk-in patients

With a newer WinOMS update, we now have the capability to attach documents to a walk-in patient that has not yet been converted. This has been very helpful. 

However, in Point-of-Care, you can attach x-rays to patients by clicking on a name, clicking on the Imaging button, then it will allow you to attach an x-ray to the OMS Imaging part of the account, even on new walk-in patients that haven't been converted. 

From the scheduler, if you try to attach a document to a walk-in patient, the only place to attach images is the Attachments section in the Documents tab (at least that we can find). Is there a way to attach x-rays to the OMS Imaging part of the account without going through Point-of-Care? And if not, we'd like to request that this be added to a future update. 

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