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Canine II

Auto Bill Pay

We would like to offer our patients a way to pay their bill online. If your office offers that option, what did you do to get it set up?

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Premolar I

Re: Auto Bill Pay

We went with PayPal as the cheapest option. However, PayPal doesn't link to pt accounts for HIPAA reasons. So the patient has to know how much they want to pay and we have to hope that they provide enough info that we can link it to an account. I have actually gotten several payments and not known who the patient was, though to be honest, we only get about 5 payment online per year. I'm not sure how many people just don't think to pay electronically, or just how many people don't want to use/can't figure out PayPal.

I do remember there being a few companies out there that were HIPAA compliant and could offer online payments, but they were terribly expensive and required quite a bit of work on the patient's end to get registered/make a payment.

Canine III

Re: Auto Bill Pay

Our practice uses Epay Healthcare to allow our patients to pay online. They can make a one time payment or set up automatic monthly payments of a minimum of $50/month and to take up to 6 months to pay it. The $50/month and up to 6 months to pay are what our corporation set up originally to allow the patient to get balances paid fairly soon. If a patient is unable to pay their balance within 6 months or less, or can't pay the $50 a month, one of our ladies here in the business office can login to our account and override those parameters.

If you want to take a look at how our website is set up for that, you can view it at on the left hand side of the page it says "Make a Payment" or towards the bottom of the page it says "Click here to make a secure Payment Online."

I believe you can go to to get more information on how to set it up.


Amy Jo