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Batch Payments

Does anyone use this feature?  it's in the top band. wondering if it makes your life easier? I have never tried it as I don't know too much about Batch payments. Is there any kind of training module for this?


thank you!

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Thank you for your inquiry.

The Carestream Dental Institute (CDI) offers recorded training content on the basics of WinOMS.  

There is no recorded content on this advanced topic, however there is documentation available in the WinOMS Help Files: WinOMS Help ( . In the search enter batch payments.

Posting Batch Payments

Working with Batch Payments

After reviewing the available documentation, I recommend investing in 1-2 hours of remote training to work directly with a trainer to assist you in the configuration and to walk you through the batch payment workflow. During training you would need to have multiple patients that have outstanding claims with the same insurance plan, and a ‘lump  sum’ insurance payment that needs to be distributed among multiple patients.

If you are interested in investing in the recommended remote training, contact and a representative will  contact you to review training rates and process an order.

Once order is received, an implementer will contact to coordinate a training date.