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Canine II

Branch Offices

We have a client running Carestream Dental and the client also has a branch office.

HQ has a 100mb fiber connection ( can't get 1gb anywhere near "reasonable pricing")

note: bandwidth logs don't show the pipe coming anywhere near being saturated

BO has a 1GB fiber connection

site-to-site VPN between the 2

Carestream is hosted at HQ

BO runs CS over the wire

Naturally, the BO is feeling some heartburn in the performance department, specifically during check out and credit card processing. Users at HQ are fine. After a couple of calls with support, we've been told that is to expected over a VPN connection but that our implementation is also their "best practice" and they don't support any other options ( ie., terminal server, etc ).

Does anyone have experience running CS over the wire and can offer usable advice on how to possible increase performance?

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Canine III

Are you using the integrated cc processing?  We had the same issue a number of years ago with checkout/cc processing at the satellite offices.  Carestream was no help and our solution was to get rid of the integrated cc machines and go back to standalone.  Certainly not the idea solution but we were left with no other option.

We have since switched to the cloud but still use the standalone cc machines.

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Yep - integrated CC processing....

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Before we went to the cloud a few years ago, we ran WinOMS over VPN with MUCH slower internet.  It was awful.  We then used Terminal Services for branches.  TS wasn't supported but we made it work and used it for many years.  Xray acquisition PC still ran WinOMS locally.  Obviously things have changed since we used TS but it can work.  I did find it worked better when users logged into a whole desktop to use WinOMS instead of published apps.  

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