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Canine II

CS WinOMS & CS 9600 - What computer specs to view images?

We have replaced a CS9300 with the 9600.  Our computers had always shown the 3D view well but with the 9600 they don't meet the specs to view the 3D images.  It has been very frustrating to have 50+ new computers that met the specs for the imaging of images with the 9300 but now don't with the new 9600.

We are in need of a few key computer replacements to be able to reliably view 3D images in patient rooms for diagnosis and treatment planning.  The imaging system requirements on the CS website are a bit ambiguous as to which computer configurations are needed to view these images.  Not sure from the document if we should get the Imaging Workstation, Imaging Workstation with 3D Preview, or the CS 3D Imaging Software Viewing Workstation.  There is a $1500-2000 difference in price between different configurations and we want to make sure we get what we need.

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