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Canine II

CS WinOMS hardly functional

Switching from one screen or task to another is taking minutes.  E scripts not functioning at all.  Customer service is not responding to multiple calls.  Biggest issue is that this is not a new occurrence as it has been an ongoing issue for weeks, including multiple days when system is down completely causing cancelation of cases and closing of offices.  For what the program charges I would expect much better customer service and technical solutions.  At time of switching over to cloud and being one of the larger cloud users we were told that there are server redundancies and we would never experience an issue longer than the time to change over servers from one location to another.  Extremely disappointed and every provider wants to switch systems.  

Need answers and solutions immediately

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @Joseph

We apologize for the issues and frustrations. I have sent your information to the support team so they can have someone assist you. I have also sent your information to our customer care team to contact you as well. 

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