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Canine II

CS imaging Failed to register to CS Data Manager

Hello everyone,
I'm having an issue for CS Imaging. Whenever I try to open the program I get the following error message:
Err_S_CSDM_-1: Failed to register to CS Data Manager! The software is going to shut down.
Anyone has any advice on how to fix it?
Thanks in advance
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Premolar II

Not sure about that error but I'd try to reinstall Imaging.  Maybe check to see if any windows updates were done if this just started happening.  Uninstall recent update and then try reinstall imaging again.  If this is xray computer, you may want to verify with support before doing this.  Might be a minute before you can verify though.

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Did you find any solution? I am having the same problem from yesterday, and I am not sure how to proceed with it.

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